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tragedy in afghanistan, two u.s. marines reported killed, is in any way connected to the rioting across the muslim world because of the movie. that, of course, will be looked into. candidate paul ryan implied today none of this would be going on if mitt romney were in the white house. president obama today, for his part, took a hard line. as anti-american rioting spread through the muslim world, president obama was on hand for the return of the remains of u.s. ambassador to libya chris stephen and his three colleagues, murder bade mob on the 9/11 anniversary tuesday. the president vowed no u.s. retreat. >> making it clear that justice will come to those who harm americans. most of all, even in our grief, we will be resolute. for we are americans.
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and we hold our head high. >> reporter: but the protests widened. this was iraq. in lebanon, symbols of the u.s. got burned at kfc and had hardens. this was gaza. many egyptians are still furious over that anti-muslim film made in the u.s. and it's not just arab nations. muslims to the east erupted. this was pakistan today. this was bangladesh. these were indian muslims in kashmir. while back in the u.s., republican vice presidential candidate paul ryan blamed president obama. >> what we do not see is steady, consistent american leadership. that is what keeps the peace. and that is what we will have in a romney/ryan administration. >> reporter: team obama called that an attempt to score political points. >> both factually wrong and poorly timed.
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now is a time when americans should be coming together. >> reporter: as many in the muslim world are coming together against americans. the white house insisted today there was no intelligence that could have prevented the death of the four americans in libya this week. live from washington, i'm steve handelsman, nbc bay area news. janelle, back to you. >> thank you, steve. social media created here in the bay area at the center of these violent protests in the middle east. the white house even asking one local company to rethink its policy on posting video. youtube has been asked by the national security council to take another look at the anti-islamic film that sparked the protest and consider if it violateses their terms of use. within the last hour, youtube declined that request. we also reached out to facebook, which released this statement saying that it prohibits content that threatens or organizes violence or praises violent organizations.
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the social networking giant also said that it appreciated that its users are going on to facebook to mourn and remember those killed in the violence. "nbc nightly news" will have more on the attacks and the global ramifications, as well as the impact on the campaign trail, coming up at 5:30. we have some breaking news now out of southern california. you see a fire here. this is just east of the 405 freeway down in l.a. it's a brushfire in the sepulveda pass. this is near bel air, and the getty center has been prompted as a voluntary evacuation. the getty center is the world famous museum. once again, this is a brushfire along the 405, east of the 405 near bel air down in los angeles. no homes are threatened as of now. about 100 firefighters are on the scene. the getty center is a $1.3 billion art museum. you see some pretty dramatic image there's. the 405 freeway usually on a freeway at 5:00 is crowded there. there are some earlier reports
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that the freeway might be shut down at some point. this hour we'll continue the monitor the story as it warrants. >> reporter: a nonprofit school in menlo park is scrambling to recover after a fire destroyed one of its buildings. nbc bay area has learned that beechwood school did not have an automated alarm or sprinkler system, and that's legal. stephanie, this is just one school. how many others might will b like this around the bay area? >> reporter: oh, raj, countless. that's the exact point of fire officials we spoke with today in menlo park. you can see crews from early this morning started removing the debris. now it's just a patch of dirt. beechwood is not publicly funded so, the manual fire alarms are legal. but they studied this issue intensely and recommended converting all of the schools from manual to automated systems. fire experts telling us that could either prevent damage like this or even save lives. >> i feel so sad.
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my kids the same. they say oh my god, it's so sad, yeah. >> reporter: beatrice diaz credits teachers with helping her older daughter, a former student who is now a sophomore at yale. staff members are scrambling after thursday morning's fire caused $400,000 in damages. menlo park fire investigators say the blaze had been burning for an hour before a passerby happened to see it. beechwood is not equipped with sprinklers, nor an automated fire detection system. >> it's just not tied in to -- monitored by an alarm company during the night. so that's unfortunately when our fire happened. >> reporter: a 1997 fire at green oaks academy almost turned tragic. up until then schools only had to have fire alarms. a new protection act went into effect in 1992 requiring new or modernized schools to install automatic sprinklers and fire detection systems. but some bay area schools found
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loopholes. they did not put an automated in trace elementary, saying it was remodelled using local bond money, not state funds. last july a fire there caused $15 million in damages. a grand jury concluded an automatic system could have prevented much of that destruction. beechwood, meantime, which runs on private donations, complies with a different set of standards. its manual pull-down fire alarm levers are still legal. principal david lawrence says no matter what the law, beechwood will consider the automated system. >> certainly something that we'll have to take a look at in light of what happened. >> reporter: and lawrence says volunteers will be coming here over the weekend to plant some grass and plants here where you see this dirt patch. putting some students also in community centers. and the community center in the library here as classes resume on monday. for now live in menlo park, stephanie trong, nbc bay area news. police on the san jose state university campus are investigating an attack that
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happened just after 1:00 a.m. the 21-year-old man told police he was walking near the student union when he was approached by four to five men, one of them armed with a pocket knife allegedly demanded the victim hand over his money and then started beating him. >> it is a little scary. at campus, students are supposed to be safe at all times. so you would think. >> there is only so much you can do to try and avoid these things. you can go on being afraid, but it's not really going to help in the meantime. all you can really do is go about regular life and hope you don't stumble on one of those bad situations. >> campus police sent out an alert to students about what happened. ultimately nothing was taken from the victim, but his left hand was injured in the attack. in san francisco this week, oakland next week. the fight against bullying is intensifying. an anti-bullying summit is just now wrapping up. local, state, and national leaders shared ideas on ways the community can tackle the problem. this week the san francisco school district showed thousands of upper grade students the
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powerful movie called "bully." it explains how students' lives are affected when they're harassed and intimidated. the superintendent says cyberbullying adds a new dimension, and it needs to be addressed. >> bullying takes on a much bigger pale now than it did when we were growing up. i think it's important for students to have a consciousness about what is bullying. because once you realize what it is, students will step up. >> beginning next week, 13,000 students in the oakland public school district will also see the film. arson investigators in antioch are looking into five suspicious fires started near each other over the last 24 hours. two of the fires were at a strip mall on sycamore drive in lr street. the exterior wall of a 99 cent store was burned, along with some bushes and trees. that was just after 10:30 last night. an hour earlier, a tree caught fire a few blocks away near antioch high school. fire officials say it appears that all five fires were arson. b.a.r.t is ready to spend
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some money after announcing a budget surplus. a good amount of the money will be spent on pigeons, specifically the droppings they leave behind. they have played recordings of hawks and put up metal spikes to keep the boards away. but that hasn't really solved the problem. now b.a.r.t is putting $1 million against the effort at four of the stations, concord, pleasantdale, colma and pleasant city. the surplus is thanks to record ridership for the last fiscal year and an unup expected increase in sales tax revenue. along with fixing the pigeon problem, they'll use the money to replace carpet? some of the cars and install late nice bus service between san francisco and san jose. a's, stanford, 49ers all at home. a lot of pressure for a nice forecast. let's check with jeff ranieri. >> that's right. as we head into our saturday, we're going to give you just a little bit of a preview. and of course that full forecast coming up. what we're finding is a wide contrast in temperatures.
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60s in the coastline. san francisco is 61. we have 66 in oakland. and then you go in the interior valley and mid-80s across the east bay. we do have fog we're tracking here across the entire coastline. and that's helping to keep some of our temperatures down. you know, up against the coastline, where it could be quite a bit hotter. as we look at our saturday forecast, we'll be near 70 at the coast. bayside numbers in the mid- to upper 70s. and for the interior valleys, also upper 80s to near 90. for the big game on sunday right here, the 49ers and the detroit lions going at it. temperatures will be on the cool side with 60s, and a little bit of sun throughout for the tailgaters. we'll have your full forecast coming up later on. >> looks very good. thank you, jeff. a bad apple. a break-in at an apple store ends with a twist. plus, campus chaos. the bomb threats that shut down two universities. details next. and a programing note for you. giants baseball on nbc bay area tonight. the giants are playing in arizona against the diamondbacks. our broadcast starts at 6:30.
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so some of our new nbc shows will be on tv 36 this evening. be sure to join us, though, on nbc bay area for dateline and our late newscasts after tonight's giants game.
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the fbi is investigating whether there is a connection between two bomb threats, which forced the evacuation of two major college campuses in different states. social media played a huge role in the evacuations. the university of texas at austin sent text messages to 69,000 students, staff, and faculty on its e-mail list. the dean even got on twitter. and at north dakota state, text messages cleared 14,000 students within ten minutes. both telephone threats came in about 9:00 a.m. >> this is a scenario that we have practiced and planned for. and unfortunately, are having to put into practice right now.
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>> ut's director of communications says the texas phone threat came from a caller who claimed to be with al qaeda who said bombs all over campus would explode in 90 minutes. no bombs were found. in health matters, consider it penny-wise but pound foolish. consumer reports says 60% of all americans have missed appointments with their doctors or neglected to fill prescriptions in order to save money. the report sites soaring health care costs and a poor economy as the main problem. britain's royal family is fighting back tonight, suing the french magazine that published topless photos of prince william's wife kate. closer magazine says the pictures were taken during the royal couple's summer vacation in france. the photos were shot with a long lens camera. the royal family called the images a quote, grotesque and totally unjustifiable invasion of privacy. many in the public compare to it the media frenzy that followed prince william's mother,
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princess diana. >> and she is such a lovely woman, and such a nice person. >> insider says the photos were shopped to the british press which refused to buy them. the royal couple has an excellent case of winning the case since they were on royal property and far from public view. they're continuing their tour of asia today. early this morning the couple visited a famous mosque in malaysia. they'll visit malaysia today to visit a rain forest reserve on borneo island. sold out. already preorders for apple's iphone went on sale for a few hours before selling out. high demand despite a customer complaint about a change to the charger. here is kristen dahlgren. >> reporter: the iphone 5, thinner, faster, new features, new plug. >> so a lot has changed. and it's time for the connecter to evolve. >> reporter: the 5 will have a new eight-pin connector,
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different than the 30-pin connection that has been standard since 2003. apple calls the new power and dock connector lightning, and it is causing quite a shock. >> i think they do it on purpose for you to buy new stuff. >> reporter: while the new phone will come with the new charger, the problem is all of those old apple products -- ipods, ipads, docking stations, car chargers won't be compatible without a $29 adapter. >> the short-run is yeah, there is a little bit of a hit you might have to take if you want to use your old products with the new new phone. >> reporter: for apple and after-market vendors, that could mean big bucks. think about it. 40 million iphone 5s are expected to be ordered by the end of the year. the 29 buck adapter for each is almost $1.2 billion. >> any way they can get some extra money out of you, they will. >> reporter: while expert says the technology upgrade was long overdue, it begs the question. what do you do with all of those old chargers? >> we're facing a whole new era of new little white cords that
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we find in random drawers and everything. >> reporter: cord clutter. old, now outdated power sources. admit it. you probably have more than a few lying around. >> i can't keep track of all the cords. basically, they sit in a pile. >> it's real frustrating. it would be nice i have one that i could plug everything into. >> reporter: in europe, they do. european law mandates cell phone manufacturers all use micro-usb charger, even apple. which manufacturer an adapter for european iphone. but not here in the u.s. >> it is an absolute jewel. >> reporter: as for the new lightning, apple has said the smaller connector was necessary for a thinner device. and judging from preorder projections, millions don't seem to mind playing the price. that. >> was kristen dahlgren reporting. another apple story. take a look. this is video from inside an apple store in southern california. it shows some would-be robbers crashing their suv into the front of the glass, several men jumping out of the vehicle.
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and they start taking everything in sight. they ran into some problems. the gate came down on the car, trapping that suv. they finally broke through, and then they got a flat tire on the way out. they then stole a fix a flat kit from a nearby 7-eleven. that's when they realized that their license plate was missing, so they went back to the apple store to look for it, and that's where police were there to greet them and properly arrest them. >> can't get away. can't get away. >> back to the scene of the crime. >> that's something you shouldn't do, right? you can't get away from our beautiful weather. it's everywhere. >> this is such a big weekend for a lot of people irs it's all about karma, weather karma. if you have enjoyed the weather we've had over the past 24 hours, we've got some good karma coming your way. we did get in on some heat for today. it wasn't record-setting, but definitely warm in walnut creek. 91. livermore 99. lafayette topping out at 86. currently what we're watching is the wind starting to shift. more to an onshore flow in san
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francisco. also into san mateo. and that is helping temperatures to drop. right now it's responding with plenty of low 60s in san francisco, also in san mateo. and we're starting to also drop off back into the east bay. let's take you outside of that live hd sky camera network this afternoon on your friday, tgif. and you can see clear blue skies. not as much haze as we've had the past couple of days. again, the cooler ocean breeze. up into san francisco, while we were shrouded with fog this morning, it's all pushed back again with a mostly sunny sky. if you like this, i really think again you're going to like what we have copping our way for saturday. let's get you back to the weather boards. the jet stream is several hundred miles out here in the pacific. eventually, that's going to be eeroding this area of high pressure that brought us the warm to hot weather. it wasn't sweltering out here, but it definitely was some of the warmest weather we had since september 3rd when temperatures were also up into the mid-90s. 50 and 60s for the coastline. also some patchy fog. the winds will start to kick up as well. and then we'll find by the way
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80s. and then a few sparse 90s. i think by sunday here, a lot of you will really start to notice the temperatures going down. and you may have to grab that jacket, no doubt for even some of the interior valleys. for tomorrow morning on your saturday, we'll start with low clouds for the coastline. also for the north bay. not too much in the east or south bay. we'll have some of the fog in san francisco. by the noon hour, by all indications right now, we should have some sunny skies. we'll start with most temperatures in the 50s, as we head throughout your saturday morning. and the daytime hines saturday should top out like this. 84 in san jose. 83 in los gatos. 88 in morgan hill. back for the east bay, upper 80s to near 90. not as hot as it was for today. san francisco with 70. 72 in berkeley, and 73 in oakland. of course, the big game right here on nbc as we head throughout our sunday, the 49ers taking on the detroit lions. and that's at 5:20. we'll have cool weather and temperatures in the 60s, very typical for san francisco. on your seven-day forecast, what
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you'll find here is numbers going down, all the way throughout next week. as we head into our last weekend of summer, this saturday and sunday. it's not going to be too bad. it's actually right where we should be for this time of the year. >> so i'm gearing up. i'm already making plans for my weekend. >> right on cue. all right. thank you so much, jeff. flying in and out of sfo is about to get even tougher. learn why you'll need to pack extra patience, next.
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not just the usual fog delays at sfo. now there is another type of delay. airport officials say they expect delays for the next three weekends while one of the main runways at sfo is shut down for safety improvements. the first temporary shutdown will begin this weekend. in fact, tonight at 10:00, and it will last through monday morning. in guatemala, thousands of villagers woke up to the roar of a volcano exploding. authorities have ordered the evacuation of 33,000 people as
5:24 pm
vancouver del fuego erupts near antigua. thick clouds of ash have reduced visibility to ten feet in some areas, but that's not keeping people away. the volcano has apparently become a big tourist draw, with visitors trying to get as close as possible to snap some pictures. >> amazing to see that. a special honor for some bay area olympians. a visit to the white house. stay with us.
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a special day for the london olympians. team usa visited the white house and met with president obama, the vice president, and the first lady. >> they saluted the athletes during a ceremony on the white house south lawn. the athletes presented the president and first lady with the american flag, carried by
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the u.s. team during this year's opening ceremonies in london. president obama called the athletes an example of what it means to be olympians and americans. and a couple of familiar faces got to shake hands and mingle with the commander in chief. these are pictures that were tweeted out this afternoon. you might recognize some of our local olympians. water polo and gold medalist maggie steffens and marty malloy who brought home a bronze in judo. congratulations. what great honor. before we go, we want to let you know about some developing news in san jose. police department investigating a suspicious package near snell and capital expressway. we'll bring you the latest at 6:00. >> "nightly news" is next. we'll see you again in about 30 minutes. >> good night. [ laughter ] [ girl ] wow. you guys have it easy.
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